Breastfeeding Support

Many twin mums stop breastfeeding before they’re ready because of a lack of support and knowledge. We provide evidence-based advice to expectant and new mums through our popular Facebook group. We also provide discounted pump hire and one-to-one support sessions which can save a family’s breastfeeding journey. 

Parents are more likely to reach their breastfeeding goals when they have a good support network. Our website and antenatal webinars educate expectant parents, their extended family and friends. We train breastfeeding peer supporters in communities around the UK. And we train healthcare professionals on how to help families overcome the challenges of breastfeeding multiples. 

Parents of twins and triplets are often told they’ll never be able to exclusively breastfeed their babies. We combat this misconception by celebrating breastfeeding on our website and social media. We also undertake research into breastfeeding twins, triplets and more. 

For free online breastfeeding support, request to join our Facebook group Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets UK (Please answer all three questions to join). Our Facebook group is great if you are expecting multiples and want to prepare yourself, or you have just birthed multiples and need support.

Email us at for more information about one to one support and pump hire.