How to choose a breast pump

All breast pumps are not the same!

If baby is born early, not latching, or breastfeeding is ineffective, using the most efficient pump is important to help establish and maintain milk supply. A “hospital grade” multi-user double pump which you can either hire or buy, is the most effective pump. (please note hospital grade is not a protected term so any pump can say it is hospital grade)

For just expressing occasionally to breastfeeding once or twice a day once milk supply is well established a hand pump, silicon pump, a standard single or double electric pump, hands free pump or even just hand expressing are all options.

If you are pregnant, hold off buying a pump until the babies have arrived and you can see how they are breastfeeding and then will know what sort of pumping you will need to do, if any.

Can you help?

We imagine a world in which mums-to-be know that it IS possible to breastfeed multiple babies and that they have the information and support available to do so. We need your help to achieve this. For example, we want to: produce printed and online information for parents and medical professionals; roll out training to medical professionals so they can support new mums better; train more breastfeeding peer supporters with experience and knowledge to support parents of multiples. PLEASE HELP!